Thursday, July 4, 2013

Whistling Angels

The urban legend goes around and around saying that "according to linguistic research" Hungarian is the best language to cuss in. Ain't that just ***** sweet.
The legend goes on to tell us that this very important title has been bestowed upon us based on the high diversity of curse words and their unique combinations. Then again, speaking from experience, the number might have been boosted by the fact that we consider words that are seemingly innocent, alone or in context, as cursing.
Let's take the Whistling Angels as an example.

The curse goes like this:

"Azt a rézfán fütyülő rézangyalát!"

In mirror trantslation:

"That copper angel whistling in a copper tree!"

(Or, in an alternative version, sitting in a willow tree. Dealer's choice.)

(Yeah. It sounds strange to me too, now that I see it written down.)

I have really no explanation as to what makes an angel whistling in a tree particularly hostile or blasphemous. Maybe angels are not supposed to whistle? Any why are they made of copper? And why are they sitting in a tree? And why has no one ever made a statue out of this?

And you thought the Weeping Angels were mysterious.

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