Friday, July 12, 2013

Wine and sparkly things - stayin' classy

Hungarians like to claim that our national drink, next to pálinka, is wine mixed with soda water, also known as fröccs. Depending on the ratio of wine-to-soda the fröccs has different names, and it would probably take a long, long list to mention them all. Lucky for those of you with smart phones, yes, there is an app for it. There are different types based on personal preference, cultural traditions, geographical regions, and a bunch of other things.

And talking about mixing wine...

It is not an all-Hungarian invention (exists in other countries), but as far as I know, every American friend I have mentioned it to looked thoroughly disgusted and scandalized by the idea, so I guess it counts as a novelty for some people out there.
You know the alcoholic beverages that you can get cheap and in big quantities in classy red plastic cups at college parties? According to the information I have gathered strictly through word of mouth, in the US of A this mostly means (cheap) beer. Well, if you go to a college party in Hungary, it would either be fröccs, or... red wine mixed with coke.

(For those of you ready to get a heart attack, yeah, we don't do this with the good wine).

This signature college drink, equal parts coke and wine, has a number of names in common parlance:

VBK (Vörösboros kóla, Coke with Red Wine)
Vadász (Hunter)
and about a million others.

Other incredibly classy college drinks include beer mixed with coke (Diesel), beer mixed with orange soda (blergh), vodka mixed with champagne (for rich peeps), and pretty much any kind of alcohol mixed with any kind of sparkly beverage for maximum inebriation effect.

I swear I was going to blog about naming customs in Hungary, but I need to postpone that till I am done with some other important work. Stay tuned.

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