Monday, October 14, 2013

Our groundhog is a bear

I don't really mean it in the Texas way - our groundhogs are no bigger than any other average groundhog.
Mostly because we don't really have any groundhogs.
Which could definitely make Groundhog Day kind of a lackluster, if you think about it.


We have marmots. Kinda the same thing, really. Less roadkill-y, and with not much interest for seeing their own shadow.

 No nation should go without predicting the length of winter, though. For that reason, we do have our own shadow-peepig ceremony.
Involving bears.

 Not one bear in particular, but bears in general, wherever we can get them. Because no one really wants to carry one designated bear around on every February 2nd (we'd run out of volunteers, and blood splatters are likely to tamper with the shadow data). So, every February 2nd people flock to the zoos and watch to see what happens to the bears. In some cases, children are allowed to bring alarm clocks to wake the bears up.