Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MopDog A to Z, and a word about The Hulk in the background

Breaking News: MopDog will be participating in the 2014 April A to Z Blog Challenge!

*strikes pose and waits for applause*

I decided it was time to kick up the Hungaro-crazy and post one weird tidbit every day for the month of April (and possibly beyond). With this in mind, starting April 1st I will be drawing from the endless pool of authentic Hungarian weirdness and presenting it to the world in bite-sized nuggets. Consume at your own risk.
The blog will not have a theme specific to A to Z; the subtitle is theme enough. The rest is all under the element of surprise! Check back in April and you shall receive.

On that note, I wanted to make a quick explanation about Hulk hulking in the background of the blog, for those of you not versed in geekery. First of all, here is the full image:

Second of all, this is relevant to us because the Rubik's cube (known to the best and brightest of the Internet as the "Rubix cube") was invented by a Hungarian architect, Rubik Ernő. And it frustrates and confuses the Hulk. Who is not Hungarian. Get it? Get it?...
(Actually I chose the picture because it was funny, but I am in Culture Studies, which means I can see layered meanings in just about anything. So there.)

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  1. Awesome theme. I love learning about other cultures. I'll keep up with your posts through April. Good luck!

    N J Magas, speculative fiction author, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.