Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Linda kicking ass

Welcome back from your Sunday break! Ready for another week-long round of Hungarian weirdness?
You'd better be.

Let me introduce you to Linda. She is just a Hungarian girl fresh out of high school, who wants to be a cop. People, including her parents, are not very fond of the idea, but Linda knows what she wants and she will not give up on her dream. She joins the police and works her way up the ladder. While even the police tries to keep her away from fighting actual crime, fight she does, and she does it with kung-fu and a lot of screaming.
Linda is the main character of a Hungarian TV show that first aired in the '80s. Admittedly, the creators wanted to present a show in the vein of kung-fu action movies, but also add a lot of humor (and a female lead). As a result, there is pretty much an entire generation of girls in Hungary named Linda, and for a while, the police force experienced a heightened popularity, especially in the number of women who applied to join. Also more women started pursuing martial arts. Go figure.

Here, feast your eyes on some Linda action:

Vandalism is bad, kids:

I know what this looks like, but she is ours. We all love Linda.


  1. Man representation does matter! Even if it is trying to be a bit silly. There are plenty of movies and shows about men joining the police force but not many with women. I love Linda already!

    LittleCely from LittleCely's Blog

  2. You can hardly blame her; she gave them literally every opportunity to go away in peace. I'm a non-violent person; "those who live by the sword will die by the sword," but in Linda's fictional universe, it's all about kicking some @#%. And yes, I'm also a non-cussing person.

  3. Women should follow their heart with career choices, it wouldn't be for me, but the old stereotypical male female roles don't play well.

  4. She's terrrific, Csenge! Considering too, that in the 80s, Hungary was still behind the "Iron Curtain" (although I have Hungarian friends from that period who tell me it was much different than the USSR) the show looks fresh and fun and is definitely NOT something you'd see on American television here during that era. We had "Charlie's Angels" but that was so blatantly over-the-top sexist that no sensible woman of the era could really enjoy that. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm enjoying your "Hungarian weirdness." Mary xoxo

  5. I LOVE IT!!! Linda rocks!