Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Uzsonna, Tízórai, and All The Other Important Meals of the Day

You thought the Hobbits are the only ones with a Second Breakfast?

A balanced Hungarian diet consists of five meals a day. An un-balanced Hungarian diet, incidentally, also consists of five meals a day. We are consistent that way.

Reggeli (Breakfast) is usually whatever you can salvage from the fridge and the cupboard (I'm giving you the young adult version here)
Tízórai (Tensies) is essentially a second breakfast of some sort. It sometimes entirely consists of Túró Rudi. Doesn't necessarily happen at ten o'clock sharp, but does happen somewhere halfway between breakfast and whenever you expect to do lunch.
Ebéd (Lunch) is supposed to be the main meal of the day (which is what I went through a starving period in the US until I got used to the different schedule). It usually consists of a soup course, a main course with some kind of meat and/or pasta and sides, and a dessert and coffee (at least in my family). At fancy weekend lunches with the family, there is also wine.
Uzsonna (Afternoon meal) is something to hold you over between lunch and dinner. It is something like a five o'clock meal or teatime, except with food. Fun fact: Lunch boxes are called uzsonna boxes in most places in Hungary.
Vacsora (Dinner) is a second bigger meal in the evening (very often the leftovers from lunch, unless someone is taking you out to eat).

Obviously everyone's eating schedule, and how many of the above mentioned meals they get depends on things like how busy they are during the day (and how many they can afford). But we do have words for all of them.


  1. Nice to meet and connect through Atozchallenge

  2. Hey great post! You Hungarians know how to live. I found lots of great fun facts here - thanks. I hope you are enjoying the challenge of A-Z. Keep up the good stuff.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I love funny cultural stuff.