Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vuk, everyone's favorite fox kit

Prepare yourself for an overdose of adorable.

Vuk is the tale of a tiny fox. Originally written by Hungarian writer István Fekete, famous for his novels featuring various creatures of nature, the story was turned into a children's cartoon in 1981 in the iconic drawing style of Attila Dargay.

The story essentially tells us the coming-of-age story of Vuk in the wilderness, his adventures featuring various other animals (frogs, hedgehogs, etc.) and his narrow escapes from the Hunter and his dogs. It is one of the big movies of my childhood, and similarly holds a special place in the heart of many Hungarians. One of the reasons I love it so much that it is adorable, but still realistic; the cuteness doesn't overshadow life in the forest and its (sometimes harsh) realities. Less melodramatic than Bambi and definitely less traumatic than Fox and the Hound (and many other beloved children's cartoons featuring wild animals), it is fun to watch, for children and adults alike.

Fun fact: The fox's name, Vuk, is actually an acronym, explained by his father: it's short for "Vadászok, Utamból Kotródj" - "I'm on the hunt, get out of my way."

Side note: The English dubbed version is available on YouTube. I was trying to find a subbed version so you can hear the original voices, no such luck.


  1. It looks like an adorable cartoon. I am really enjoying your theme for the challenge. Love it!

  2. Hungarian original: (with closed captioning in Hungarian and English, but the timing seems to be off).

    FWIW, the movie may be adorable but the book is not necessarily similarly suitable for children. The drama has been toned down in the movie and the pace increased somewhat.