Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for X Factor Hungary (and other talent shows)

(Told ya I'll solve for X!)
If 24 days of this challenge did not convince you that Hungarians had the X factor, this post definitely will. Whatever X is.
The international musical talent show known as The X Factor has had four seasons in Hungary so far, but I personally only watched one because my attention span and patience are both limited on these things. Megasztár, the unlicensed clone of the Idol series, came before The X factor, and lived for six seasons before the TV channel decided it was time to actually buy a licence and switched to The Voice.
Most Hungarians live in the mistaken belief that these shows are about singing voice alone. Even the judges tend to rank boring but well-trained singers higher than performing talent, which has always personally bugged me. I am saying this up front because I would like you to introduce you to my personal favorite of the above mentioned shows, a guy called Király L. Norbert, who came in third in the first season of The X Factor. I rooted for him all the way mostly because he was that one guy that just went "hey, they gave me the big stage, live television, and a microphone, I'm gonna have a blast with this until they kick me out!" and had spectacular and adorable fun on the stage, in a universal vacuum of zero f*cks given about the drama kids around him competing for best musical voice. It made the show worth watching. (Trickster warning)
This obviously does not mean that we did not have a lot of other great people with great singing voices on these shows. The best ones sometimes won and sometimes didn't, but as we know, that does not usually mean a thing. The following choices and opinions are all totally biased and personal.
Ibolya Oláh came in second in the first season of Megasztár, and is still everyone's favorite. She is Roma, she grew up in an orphanage, and she also came out a couple of years ago, so she is representing a bunch of minorities as a role model for music loving people.
Póka Angéla is one of my personal favorites, also from season one. She learned gospel singing in the US, so she's got the voice down, and on top of that she also had the musical taste, the eyes, and the personality.
Eszter Szabó was also trained singer when she signed up for the show. Her intro song is worth watching just for the reactions of the audience and the judges.

And then there is Magdi Rúzsa (remember her from the Eurovision post?), who was just born like that, and we still all feel sorry for everyone who had to compete with her. Obviously, she won.
If you want to hear more of any of them, go YouTube them. It's worth it.

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