Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beer, wine, liquor, and poppies - The family friendly games of our childhood

It's finally springtime, the meadows are in bloom, the dog is picking up prickly things in his fur, and all the bright red of the poppy flowers reminded me of a little game we used to play when I was a kid.

The game is known as "Sör, bor, pálinka" - "Beer, wine, pálinka," pálinka being a kind of hard liquor often made from fruit, that people regard as a true Hungarian staple. Tastes like crap if you ask me.
(Yes, I said it. This is a blog about Hungarian weird, not Hungarian marketing.)
The game is fairly simple: All you need is a big field of poppies that are not all in bloom yet. You pick some of the buds, and then you ask your opponent: "Beer, wine, or pálinka?" The goal is for them to guess what color the petals will be when you open the bud. Red is wine, pink is beer, and white is pálinka. You get points for guessing right, and take turns.
It is a sort of gambling game, until you become old enough to figure out that the bigger the bud is the darker the petals will be. But up to that point, you can entertain kids with it forever. And then go find an effective chemical way to clean their grubby little hands.

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  1. In Hawaii, we played Jun ken poh though I'm not sure of the spelling. It's the idea of rock, paper, scissors, which you may have heard of. If not, the two kids call out jun ken poh together and then choose to make a sign of rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. In some cases, one of them wins or they tie. Winner based on two wins out of three times.