Sunday, May 18, 2014

Graduate like there's no tomorrow!

Still on the graduation theme, here is another thing we like to do: Go completely crazy in a school-sanctioned way. This event, known as the Bolondballagás (Crazy Graduation) usually precedes the actual serious ceremony by a few days/weeks. I am sensing a trend here, now that I think of it: Everything that involves drinking and partying, we do BEFORE the actual graduation exams. Because logic?
(Also, for those of you clutching your pearls, the legal drinking age in Hungary is 18)

Crazy graduation is exactly what it sounds like. The senior classes go to school dressed up in costumes, fueled by enthusiasm, mischief and possibly alcohol, armed with water guns and other shenanigans, ready to turn a perfectly good school day upside down. I can't talk for the entirety of the country, so I'll tell you my own experience.
I was a pirate for crazy graduation, and my best friend dressed up as the Crow (our class was too worn out at this point to come up with a cohesive theme). We also had sexy nurses, guys decked out as Baywatch babes, and a bunch of other things people prefer not to remember now. We went to school, all dressed and painted, and then proceeded to wreak havoc in the institution. We broke into classrooms, wiped the board, handed out chocolate to the kids (my school went from first grade all the way up to high school, but we mostly left the ankle biters alone lest they become uncontrollable with excitement). We marched up and down the hallways singing, teased the teachers, and then collectively boarded the next bus and headed downtown. Since most schools in town did crazy graduation on the same day, senior classes all converged on the main street, comparing costumes, clinking bottles, and generally having a great time. I even met my childhood crush sporting a miniskirt and high heels (and he rocked them). By this time, my artistically inclined Crow friend also painted my face in various colors. By the time people partied themselves out and dispersed, we ended up in the local gaming club (neeeeerds) and continued to pay for snacks with chocolate pirate coins. Since this day was the one between our two crazy nights of serenading (see the previous post) I dragged myself home in the afternoon, delightfully exhausted. The lady I shared the elevator ride with back to the apartment gave me a once over and pouted disapprovingly. "You look horrible, young lady." To which there was only one answer from a seriously sleep-deprived pirate: "Well, you do too."


  1. Sounds like fun!
    Our final exams (for high school) are often after the last day of school, so we didn't have any crazy graduation practices (at least when I was in school. I hear they now have proms for school leavers.)

  2. That sounds like a great idea! I remember after my high school graduation, everyone went out partying. It was pretty dangerous, since people were drinking and driving. But nobody dressed up in costume. That would have certainly made it more interesting!