Monday, May 26, 2014

Here's a bone to chew on

Hungary has recently announced the winner of the contest for designing the Hungarian pavilion for the 2015 Milan Wold Fair. The result is this beauty:
For those of you who immediately jumped to the false conclusion that Hungary 2015 decided to represent itself with a humongous fitness weight designed by creatively inclined Orcs, I will break it down: According to the designer's website, this piece of artful architecture symbolizes the harmony of tradition, nature, and humanity. Or, at least, Hungarians.
While the first guesses usually include "dead whale," "Christmas turkey," and even "Blood Eagle," this pavilion is in reality the depiction of some kind of an Ark of Nature, topped on both ends with shaman drums (possibly for greater buoyancy.) The designers wished to convey the idea that shaman drums create a spiritual connection between Man and Nature (and they probably voted against building gigantic happy 'shrooms instead. Or maybe Sweden already had that idea copyrighted. That's right, that was a Vikings reference.) The ribs are supposed to invoke images of openness, striving towards the sky, and "protecting flower petals." I wonder what flower they were looking at.
Also, I greatly regret to inform all interested parties that this creation is not capable of rolling sideways. I think they missed an opportunity there.

For comparison, here is our pavilion from 1992 in Sevilla:

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  1. I was thinking the top picture resembled a salad squashed between two dinner rolls.