Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crash Course in Creative Cursing

Want to wish something especially uncomfortable on your worst enemy?
Wish it in Hungarian!
Following up the previous post on traditional Hungarian sayings, this time let's look at some of our more elaborate and much beloved curses.
Prepare the brimstone.

Nőjön be az orra lika!
Translation: "May their nostrils grow in!"
Apply when: You are really out of all other options. Originally from the children's book about Süsü the Dragon.

Szopjon le a vacogó cápa!
Translation: "Get a blowjob from a shivering shark!"
Apply when: Arguing with men.

Szarjon sünt!
Translation: "May they shit a hedgehog."
Apply when: You really hate someone.
In case of greater aggravation: "May they shit a porcupine, ass first."

A hátad legyen elöl!
Translation: "May your back be your front!"
Apply when: You want to win a moment of confused silence.

Vigyen el a rézfaszú bagoly!
Translation: "May the Owl With the Copper Dick take you!"
Apply when: You want to display your knowledge of Hungarian folklore.

A bőr hűljön rád!
Translation: "May the skin cool on you!"
Apply when: Very frustrated.

A ló nyalja meg a meztelen szemedet!
Translation: "May a horse lick your naked eyeball!"
Apply when: In need of something brutally graphic.

Hogy a hetvenhétlábú, büdöstalpú marsi pillangó zuhanna rád!
Translation: "May the seventy-seven legged Martian butterfly with stinking feet fall on you!"
Apply when: You have a good lungful of air, and time to elaborate. Another gem of Internet love, originally featured in a fascinatingly vulgar YouTube re-dubbing of Pixie and Dixie. Yes, you read that right.

And finally, for advanced contestants:

Aki a mesémet meg nem hallgatja, hetvenhét holló vájja ki a szemét, hetvenhét sárkány vigye el a lelkét!
Translation: "Whoever doesn't listen to my story, may seventy-seven ravens cut out their eyes, and seventy-seven dragons take their soul!"
Apply when: About to start a storytelling performance. See if someone starts texting.

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  1. Béla misses the one with the barrowful of tiny monkeys... :)