Sunday, June 15, 2014

God's zoo is greater - More potentially useful phrases from Hungary

After round one of phrases you might want to learn and keep handy in case of a linguistic emergency, here is another little collection of the endless ingenuity of Hungarian vernacular.

First up, an updated version of "God's zoo is great," since many kind people reminded me after the post that you can always embellish more. With that in mind, I present to you:

Nagy az isten állatkertje, és alacsony a kerítés / mindig van benne üres ketrec.
Translation: God's zoo is great, and the fences are too low / but there is always room for more.
Meaning: I'm surrounded by idiots, and we have more of them incoming.

And now on to some new things:

Más farkával veri a csalánt.
Translation: H/she is beating the nettle with someone else's tail (or other similar, masculine, body parts)
Meaning: Making promises on someone else's account; promising things that will make someone else's life more complicated, and being blissfully oblivious about it, because it's not your appendage in the nettle.

Házinyúlra nem lövünk.
Translation: We don't shoot at pet bunnies. (literally: house bunnies)
Meaning: Workplace relationships are ALWAYS a bad idea.
Additionally: "We don't shoot at pet bunnies... unless they attack first." (Meaning: "Workplace relationships are STILL a bad idea, but I didn't start it.")

Ő sem egy harci delfin.
Translation: S/he is not exactly a combat dolphin.
Meaning: They are not smart. At all.

Annyi esze van mint egy talicska aprómajomnak.
Translation: S/he is as smart as a wheelbarrowful of tiny monkeys.
Meaning: A wheelbarrow full of tiny monkeys is not smart at all.

Lóg az eső lába.
Translation: The rain is dangling its legs.
Meaning: It's going to rain.

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