Friday, October 24, 2014

26 Other Things About Living in Budapest

So, I have recently seen this handy list of 26 signs that tell you that you have been living in Budapest too long, and while it is a fairly good list (number 9 is very, very true), it mostly focuses on food and drinking (the number 1 reason most young people visit Budapest). As someone who spent 5 college years in the city (with minimal drinking), here is my take on the same idea:

1. You know exactly which subway car to get into at any given station so you can get off at your destination right where the escalator is.

2. You get off the tram when a large group of college students get on, and you know what a Yellow Grasshopper is.

3. You know whenever Angelina Jolie's in town. And you know someone who's met her.

4. You know the best places to watch the August 20th fireworks without getting trampled, drowned, or set on fire.

5. You have a three-layer action plan for Night of the Museums. And that's just for getting home.

6. You have been hit by a Beer Bike.

7. You have been hit by a bike messenger.

8. You have tested cream cheese, chocolate cookies, and various other food items at the customer research center conveniently located right next to the ELTE Humanities Department. You have also occasionally pretended to pass by in order to score free snacks.

9. You know how to spot a conductor on a bus before they put their arm bands on.

10. You have gone down the Múzeum Boulevard and hit all the used book stores in one spree.

11. You have had lunch sitting on Roman ruins and didn't even think about it.

12. You have been hugged by the Hungarian Holy Mary. Alternately, you have met Béla the white rat, and his owner.

13. There are streets you have never seen not under construction.

14. "We're going up to the castle to hang out" is a normal sentence you use.

15. You know which streets to avoid when you are wearing heels. (Cobblestones.)

16. You have had your fortune told on the afternoon bus. The spell required some money bills.

17. The smell of chocolate pastries immediately makes you think of a subway station.

18. You can spot a stag party from a mile away.

19. You absolutely loathe pigeons.

20. On the other hand, you know what a magpie sounds like.

21. You still call Széll Kálmán Square "Moszkva Square." Because that's what it it's called. End of story.

22. You have a working reference map of subways, trams, buses, trolleys and railroads in your head, with schedules attached. You can figure out the shortest way from point A to point B in seconds. You also know the corresponding nighttime schedule.

23. When you see a weird poster you immediately suspect the Two Tailed Dog.

24. You have tried to calculate the amount of sand in the Hourglass.

25. You have a personal connection with the sloths at the Budapest Zoo.

26. You have traveled across town to catch a movie with subtitles.

(I am sure I'll think of some more later)

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