Monday, March 23, 2015

A to Z Theme Reveal: 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

I could have done a 26-post series on the great accomplishments of Hungarian film-making and animation. I could have created profiles for 26 Hungarians that Changed the World. I could have shown you 26 Stunning Landscapes in Hungary. I could have done an entire collection of mouth-watering traditional Hungarian recipes that will kill you in under 25 years.

But nooo, I had to go the weird way.

With this in mind, I present you this year's MopDog April A to Z theme:

26 Way to Die in Medieval Hungary

Be prepared, people: This will NOT be a list of theoretical perils and threats denizens of our sacred land had to deal with to get their genes successfully through the finish line of the modern era. Noooo. This will be a listing of historical deaths that really happened at one point (or more points) in documented history, such as death by...

... G: by Group Hug,
... T: by Throne,
... W: by Wedding and Wine (eat your heart out, GRRM)

Over the month of April, I will present you 26 little stories about weird, ridiculous, or slightly horrifying deaths from our strangle little corner of the world. And the only reason I am not calling this the Medieval Hungarian Darwin Awards is that not all of the victims in the lineup were taken out of the gene pool by their own stupidity... Although some of them probably were.

Visit, comment, read, enjoy, and be very glad you live in the 21st century!

(On my storytelling blog today: revealing the theme of Epics from A to Z!)

* UPDATE: I am loving the culture difference in the comments section :) I never even thought this theme would be seen as "gory" or "dark." For us in Hungary, most of the stories I will tell are just a part of the history we learn in middle school. I don't like "torture museums" and the like, so in case you are worried, most of the stories will be interesting, rather than gory.