Friday, April 17, 2015

O: by Overeating (26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary)

Following up on yesterday' story (it came out kinda neat that way!)

Shortly after the sinking of the ships in 1051, Henry III tried again (he was a very persistent guy). He led an army over land, supported by ships on the Danube (apparently he did not learn his lesson). András I was smart enough not to engage the German troops in open battle - instead, he emptied the lands they were about to cross, sending the people and all their supplies into hiding. Then the Hungarians intercepted a messenger to the ships, and forged a message, sending the support ships home.
(Neat, huh)

The German armies started to starve. In addition, Hungarian and Pecheneg warriors kept ambushing them in short bursts of hit-and-run, using arrows to pick off soldiers one by one. The German army was lost, hungry, and scared. Finally, András I sent messengers and offered peace. Henry III agreed wholeheartedly (and probably with a growling stomach). To prove his generosity on top of offering peace, King András sent supplies to the German army:
50 giant sturgeons
2000 sides of bacon
1000 bulls
sheep, oxen, cows, tons of bread, and copious amounts of wine.

The German soldiers were so delighted to have food again that, according to the chronicle, many of them ate and drank themselves to death. The rest left their armor, weaponry and tents behind, and ran all the way back home.
Legend says that's how the mountain region got its name: Vértes, which means something like "Armory" (for lack of a better translation).

(Can you tell I'm delighted by the fact that I'm writing about Hungarians winning for once? :)


  1. Is it possible to die of overeating, or was the food poisoned? Hmmm... sneaky Hungarians.

  2. Just my thoughts @Courtney Turner. Lol. However it is possible to die from overeating if the person has been starved. That's why people who fast are encouraged not to go without water and to eat light fruits first when breaking the fast instead of laying it on heavy.

  3. Yay for winning a battle :) I imagine eating too much after nearly starving can burst the stomach which is not a nice way to go.
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  4. Yes, I'm happy too that Hungarians are winning finally. I mean come on, his ships were sent home? it's either Henry III was too stupid or András was too clever (probably both).
    I knew along the way in these posts someone is going to die from stuffing food, it had to be there. I wonder if that was King András's plan all along? hmm genius :D
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  5. If you can't fight 'em, stuff 'em!

  6. Wow, Germans really struggled with boats in the Middle Ages, didn't they? Next year's theme should just be about dumb things Germans did in/on/around boats.

  7. Yes, I can tell you like writing about the victory. Overeating is probably going to be my demise too.

  8. How can you eat and drink yourself to death. When you're full, you stop. I'm also thinking it was poisoned.

  9. I grew up eating for all those 'starving children in China'. If my mother was Hungarian instead of Italian, maybe she wouldn't have insisted we eat so much. lol

  10. I cannot believe that this happened in 1051. The war mongers never learn. Napoleon tried to conquer Russia this way and Hitler tried it too. The people retreat and the crops are burnt so that the invaders have nothing to eat.

    I am glad the Hungarians won on this occasion. Makes me think of 1956

  11. Ooo! Guerrilla warfare.

    Whoa, to gorge only to die because of it. Maybe a little poison did help too.

    Fascinating history.

  12. Now this is something! A buffé - eat until you drop (...dead).

  13. Mmmm, I bet it was the bacon that had them eating themselves to death.

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  14. Gluttony was more than a sin in this case!

  15. Yay! Good job Hungarians. I like that they won through Trial by Stomach, haha.

  16. Yeah, go Hungary! Killing with kindness takes on a new meaning here (they should team up with the group hug lot). ;)

  17. Bam! Take that! Cholesterol and alcohol yourself to death bad guys...