Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eurovision 2015: "Hungary, are you okay?"

Last night was the Grand Finale of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. I have written about it on this blog before, since it is not only a very European staple (our very own international guilty pleasure), but Hungary also seems to take it very seriously.
Sometimes, like this year, even too seriously.

Every year there is a contest on Hungarian TV about who gets to represent us on the international stage (you can see the lineup if you follow the link). This year the contest was won by Boggie, a girl whose music video "Nouveau Parfum" went viral last year:

The song she brought to the Eurovision stage in Vienna was called Wars for Nothing, and she made it through the semi-finals and into the final 27 contestants, allowing Hungary to stay up and cheer last night through the entire Grand Finale:

Talk about taking a song contest very, very seriously.
To get a kick out of the experience, I was following the Twitter feed marked with #HUN to see what the world thought about the Hungarian production. Two things jumped out at me at once:

1. We became Europe's pee break (there were no commercial breaks through the entire 4-hour show, and it seems like people finally gave up and used the dramatic lull of the ballad to leave the room)

2. People started seriously worrying about Hungary's mental health and emotional well-being. This was signaled by tweets such as:

"OMG Hungary, you okay?"

"Do you need a hug, Hun?"

"Is this the Suicide Radio?"

And someone posted a sketch of Boggie with the note saying: "The world is f**** messed up. Sincerely, Hungary"

Of course there were a lot of people that liked the song and the performance, although some of them seemed more than a tad confused:

"What is Kate Middleton doing on the Eurovision stage?..."

The best part of the Eurovision song contest, however, is countries giving each other points on a 1-12 scale (essentially, each country constructs its own Top 12, and they get added up in the end). The winning song (Sweden) got 365 points; Hungary finished 20th place, with 19 points total.
Our friends and allies this year:
Estonia (8 points)
Romania (4 points)
France (1 point)
San Marino (4 points)
Germany (1 point)
Czech Republic (1 point)
They will be spared accordingly when Hungarian world domination begins.

The most baffling part, however, was Hungary's postcard: This year the organizers in Austria sent each contestant a "postcard" with a mysterious gift that invited them to some fun recreational activities in the host country. When Boggie opened the box, this is what was in it:

I'll leave it up to your imagination to figure out what "recreational activity" this object symbolized.
For the solution, click here. I promise it's SFW.


  1. Uh oh, does this mean Sweden's going down when Hungary takes over? :O

    And I seriously thought that was a lightsaber. Then I watched the video and thought that a lightsaber would have been more fun. ;)

    1. A lightsaber is more fun than most things :D
      And we might spare Sweden if they give us the 12 points next time.

  2. I liked both of those songs, actually. Though I've never tried to sit through an entire 4 hour competition, so I don't know when I'd run off to the bathroom. Interesting 'postcard' though. :P