Monday, July 6, 2015

MopDog Monday: Headbutts and infinite possibilities

Still on the topic of exotic sayings: Today, kids, we're going to learn how to threaten someone with a headbutt, the true Hungarian way.
These very creative threats have been the touchstone of linguistic invention for years. Their entire point is to promise a seriously painful headbutt to your opponent in a way that will go down in language and pop culture history. Now, repeat after me.

Lefejellek, mint...
("I'll crash my head on you like...")

... an ostrich on the asphalt.
... a drunk soul on the doorknob of Heaven.
... the Little Mermaid on a coral reef.
... a mole on the well.
... a beginner bumblebee on a bellflower.
... a turtle on a strawberry.
... a squirrel on a branch.
... a tadpole on the pier.
... the Iron-Nosed Witch on a magnetic table (I'll write about the Iron-Nosed Witch later, I promise)
... the cuckoo on the locked clock door (this one doubles as a tongue twister)
... a mole on the automatic hoe.
... a whale on an iceberg.

Honestly, the list goes on forever; some are more tasteful than others. Alternately, they can also be applied to describing painful accidents in an evocative way (as in, "I hit my head like...").

Now, go forth and practice.


  1. Go forth and practice. Everyone will be nice to you because they think you are bonkers. Some ideas do not translate from one culture to another. That is why they are fun to share. Thanks for sharing.