Monday, July 13, 2015

MopDog Monday: Hungary gives weird names to places

Disclaimer up front: Most of these place names don't mean what you think they mean. When they were named, the words probably meant something entirely different - the meaning is just lost on our current generation, who uses the same words in a completely different context. Making them funny, weird, confusing, or downright hilarious.
Here is a short list of the weirdest town/village/city names in Hungary:
(For a bonus, try to answer "Where are you from?" with each)

Baj (Trouble)
Bugyi (Panties)
Büdöskútpuszta (Plains With A Stinking Well - doesn't that sound just charming)
Heréd (Your Testicle)
Hidegség (Coldness)
Kéthely (Two Places)
Lábatlan (Legless)
Leányfalu (Girl Village)
Meggyespele (Dormouse With Sour Cherries)
Nagyfenék (Big butt)
Nyúl (Rabbit)
Ondód (Your Sperm)
Pogányszentpéter (Pagan Saint Peter)
Pokol (Hell)
Pornóapáti (Porno Abbey, please do not Google that)
Rinyaszentkirály (Freakout Saint King)
Rum (Rum)
Simaság (Smoothness)
Sonkád (Your Ham)
Szalonna (Bacon)


  1. I think the best we can do in Michigan is Hell. And I think it only has one meaning.

  2. The weirdest part are the second-person names. I didn't realize Hungarians were so open and sharing. Especially with their balls and jizz.

  3. I love Hungarian place names. One of my drawings I did 20 years ago features the names of Hungarian towns and cities all over the page, taking up at least as much space as the five sisters looking in the mirror at their current selves and flashing back to their experience during WWII.

  4. Please tell me Heréd and Ondód are close together. Sonkád and Szalonna too, for that matter.

    We have a panties town here in Sweden--Trosa (it's singular though, so just one panty haha).

    I want to be from Dormouse With Sour Cherries!

  5. These are great. :D I love funny names. There are a few in America, but I think there are a fair number more in Japan, where puns are king. Thanks for the translation!