Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Share a kiss with whut now?!

If you are familiar with Coca Cola's #KissHappiness and #ShareaKiss campaign, you probably know that it is an endless source of hilarious memes, as well as a great mess in all grocery stores (since it makes people dig around to find specific names, and spill bottles everywhere).
Well, the campaign has now hit Hungary:

Fail No. 1: It is impossible to translate
Since Hungarian language changes the form of the subject of a sentence, instead of just putting names/words on the bottles, they would have to put their subject forms, and that's not fun for anyone. (Example: Instead of "Csenge" which is my name, the bottle would say "Csengével"). So now the slogan in Hungarian says: "A kiss for you too, [...]" It sounds awkward.

Fail No. 2: People tried to be creative
After five minutes of browsing bottles in the store, I have come across the following options for people to share a kiss with:

Little Brother (right) (Lannister much?)
Ex (stay out of my personal life, Coke)
Friend with benefits (left) (my mom paid for this one with my father's card)
Mr. Trainer (isn't that a conflict of interest?)
Spori (I have no clue what this means, it's not a name and not even a word)
Stranger (now that's just creepy)

Another trip to the store yielded more results. They are (from left to right):
Miss No Filter (in English, because it doesn't exist in Hungarian)
Bébibogyó (Babyberry - it's a pet name thing)
Gólkirály (Goal king - it's a soccer thing)
Bro (Bro)
Exem (my ex)
Flúgos (Idiot)
Kommentbajnok (comment champion - the guys in Marketing know the Internet!!)

On the upside, we already have a meme version of the poster that says "I have kissed Viktor"
Because our glorious leader needs to be on every wall.


  1. Well, at least you'll get some amusement from it.

  2. This is a case when "lost in translation" makes it a little more fun. lol

  3. spori means teammate - sporttárs!

    1. Jaaaa, mint az öribari?... :D Megint tanultam valamit...
      I learned something new today. I feel old.

    2. Spori is a completely different register from bff, much more plebeian and it's been around for at least 50 years...