Monday, September 21, 2015

MopDog Monday: Don't laugh

After all the pop culture, here is some children's folklore from Hungary.

Laughing games are games where the goal is to make the players laugh. This can happen in a number of ways; one of the most interesting of them is with a series of questions-and answers, some of which may rhyme. Kids used to learn these, and one of them, who was the caller, asked them all, and the ones that didn't laugh won (became "angels" or "queens" etc.). There are many variations of the game; I just wanted to leave the line of questions-answers here. Busy Monday.

What did you eat today?
Bread with salt.
What did you drink today?
Cold water.
What do you stand on?
What do you float on?
A leaf.
What's in your mouth?
A blue pebble.
Look at the sky!
I won't look.
Spit on the ground!
I won't spit.
Spin around three times, don't laugh!

Go try it with someone, see if they laugh.

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  1. I had a Spanish class in high school where we had a game called Pobre Gato (poor kitty). A person had to go around the class and act like a pathetic cat, meowing and looking at you with sad eyes. When they came to you, you couldn't laugh. If you did, you became the cat. Silly. Really hard not to laugh, too. :)