Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BREAKING: Hungarian contestant on The Voice!

People living in large countries will never understand how incredibly exciting it is to see your own country mentioned on the news abroad. Or, in this case, have a contestant on an American show.

Király Viktor was born in New York to Hungarian parents and returned to Hungary with them in 1999; he has already won a Hungarian talent show called Megasztár in 2008. Ever since then he has been a well known name in Hungarian pop culture, along with his sister Király Linda, who is also a singer.
And now he is on American TV.

In the upcoming season of The Voice, Viktor made a strong start; he had all 4 judges turning around at the blind auditions:

And then he also did great in the battle round:

And finally, while he lost in the last knockout round, he has been saved (Stolen) by Gwen Stefani, and thus will compete in the upcoming live episodes of the show (hopefully for several weeks)!

Now here is the thing:

I have never watched a single episode of The Voice in my life. I have only the vaguest idea of how it works. I am also not very invested in Király Viktor or his music; back in 2008 he was not even one of my favorite contestants.
As long as he is on an American show, singing as amazingly as he does, you bet all of our country will claim him as our own and root for him every single week. One thing about Hungarians: We love to claim everyone who is popular or successful and even remotely Hungarian, regardless of their reasons for leaving the county. That's just how tiny countries work.

God knows we need some good publicity.

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