Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hungarian Halloween: 5 Hungarian themed Halloween costumes

(Doing Hungarian Halloween early this week, to make better use of this list)

Want to be scary and flaunt your knowledge of Hungarian culture at the same time? Here are 5 quick-and-easy costume ideas from stories I have mentioned earlier on the blog:

Princess in a Shroud
How: Put on a princess costume. Wrap yourself in a shroud. Smear some fake blood on your hands and face.
Why: Because of this creepy Hungarian fairy tale.
The problem: Indistinguishable from generic, non-Hungarian zombie princesses.

The Walled-in Wife
How: Put on a medieval-looking dress. Make a fake wall out of cardboard. Carry it around. Make wailing noises.
Why: Because of one of our most popular ballads.
The problem: It is kind of difficult to carry a wall around all night.

Iron-nosed Witch
How: Put on a witch costume (the hag kind, not the smexy kind). Make a long fake nose and paint it with metallic paint. Gravitate towards magnetic objects.
Why: Because she is the most well-known witch figure in Hungarian folklore. "Iron-nosed witch" is how we say "hag."
The problem: If you use too much paint, people might mistake you for a Mad Max cosplay.

How: Dress up as the Devil.
Why: For some reason Americans seem to find the idea of the Krampus novel and intriguing. For us, he's just the person who didn't get to play Santa this year. Usually because she is a girl.
The problem: People might mistake you for a Sexy Devil. Also, you are slightly out of season.

Pipás Pista
How: Dress up in 19th century male clothing. Carry a pipe and a length of rope around. Watch out for other girls at the party and make sure they don't get harassed.
Why: Because Jack the Ripper is so overdone. Also, we want Mr. Tarantino to pick up on the idea, and every little bit helps.
The problem: People might mistake you for Brienne of Tarth.
(Image from a theater production based on the historical story)

Probably no one will get any of these at first glance, but they will provide a great conversation starter. Also, you get to be a hipster about your knowledge of obscure Hungarian culture.

Just... for the love of everything that's holy, please don't be Elisabeth Báthory.

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  1. The Walled-in Wife one sounds fun. I would love to see someone carrying a wall around them. That's dedication.

    And now I finally know what the Krampus is! I've seen a couple story collections about the Krampus, which made me scratch my head and wonder what that was all about. Honestly, I think Americans probably like the name. There's something satisfying about it: Krampus. Krampus. Hehe.