Sunday, November 29, 2015

MopDog Advent: Hungarian Christmas carols

In this new (and totally not retroactively posted) series, I will be posting a Hungarian Christmas song every Sunday until... well, Christmas.

This first one is probably also the most well known. It is THE Christmas song.

Here is something you need to know about Hungarian Christmas: Traditionally, the Christmas tree is part of the magic. It appears miraculously, brought by the Angels, together with the presents, on Christmas Eve. Kids usually leave the house during the 24th, and the parents put up the tree in a hurried frenzy. When I was little, I would return in the evening (usually from the grandparents' house) and the living room door would be closed; then there would be the sound of bells from inside, and the door would open, and the radio would start playing this song, and I would see the tree for the first time.
(And then I was not allowed to touch the presents until the song ended. It's a loooong song.)

As far as Christmas magic goes, this is definitely the song that goes with it.

The Angel from Heaven

The Angel came down from Heaven to you, shepherds (shepherds)
For you to go in a hurry to Bethlehem, and see (and see)
The Son of God, who was born in a manger (in a manger)
Will be your Savior, it is true (it is true)
Beside him is his mother, Mary (Mary)
Her holy son lies among the beasts and rests in a manger 


  1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a lovely Christmas for children.

    1. It is :) I love our Christmas traditions. Which is why a lot of people are fairly upset about the Santa-related advertising around Christmas. Since it's all imported.