Monday, November 9, 2015

MopDog Monday: Animals speaking Hungarian

This is an incredibly fun game to play with speakers of different languages. Since Hungarian animal sounds are generally not well known, here is a handy list to show off your linguistic prowess next time the party game comes up.

So, what do animals say in Hungarian?

Dogs: Vau vau

Cats: Miaú

Cows: Múúú

Hens: Kot-kot-kotkodács

Roosters: Kukurikú

Ducks: Háp háp

Pigs: Röf röf röf

Frogs: Brekeke

Horses: Nyihaha

Sheep: Beee

Goats: Mek mek mek

Cuckoos: Kakukk kakukk

Magpies: Csörr csörr (or cserr cserr, depending on dialect)

(Warning: Sounds are not written phonetically. Pronounce them at your own risk)

Did I forget someone?...