Monday, November 16, 2015

MopDog Monday: How to "can't even" in Hungarian

"Can't even" is such a widespread phrase in English (especially in the USA) - and so often parodied or critiqued - that lately I have been wondering what the Hungarian equivalent would be.

First, I had to find an approximate definition for what "can't even" means. Here are the two that I managed to rustle up:

"I can't even [deal with this right now]" (in a good or in a bad way)
"I can't even [find anything to say to this]"

With those in mind, here are some of the Hungarian options:

Nem kapok szikrát
Literally: "I can't get a spark"

Megáll az ész és körbenéz/ácsorog
Literally: "The mind [intellect] stops and looks around/stands around"
(More often it is just "the mind stops," the rest is for emphasis or elaboration)

Pofám leszakad
Literally: "My face [mug] falls down."
(It means something is outrageous, unbelievable, or ridiculous)


Agyam leszakad
Literally: "My brain falls down."
(Same thing)
(By the way, "leszakad" is more violent than "falling" - it could be explained as something breaking and crumbling, or being torn down to the ground)

Agyam eldobom
Literally: "I'm trowing my brain away."
(Means I'm going crazy, I can't believe this, I can't even)

Eszem-faszom megáll (NSFW)
Literally: "My mind and my dick stop."
(Fun fact: This is how they translated "unbelievable" in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and it became iconic)