Monday, November 23, 2015

MopDog Monday: Liza, the Fox Fairy

I finally got to watch one of this year's Hungarian movie sensations: Liza, the Fox Fairy. Hungary historically tends to be a lot better at animation than at live action (at least in my opinion), but this one was definitely a very fun film to watch.

Here is the trailer, with English subtitles:

Yup, this movie is weirrrrrd. It was intended to be. It takes place in an imaginary 70s Budapest (one that is not blocked off from the West). Liza, the main character, is a nurse to the widow of the Japanese ambassador - therefore, the entire setting is a strange, surreal mix of American culture, Hungarian retro, and Japanese pop. The story is a sort of dark comedy: Liza just turned 30 years old, and she wants to find the love of her life - but sadly, men keep dying around her in all kinds of mysterious (and hilarious) accidents. Liza is convinced that she is a kitsune and she is cursed to bring death to every man who desires her (she gets the idea from a Japanese museum brochure). In the meantime, the police is on her tail (pun intended), trying to figure out if she is a serial killer, or just a very unlucky girl.

The film is strange, funny, colorful, lovable, and has a soundtrack that will burrow into your brain forever (a mix of Japanese pop and Finnish country music). If you can rustle it up with English subtitles, I definitely recommend watching it.

Here, have some more earworms:


  1. That looks hilarious. Especially the investigator.

  2. The Chinese guy is really charming. Thanks for presenting this. I am going to try to watch some episodes.

  3. That movie looks fun. I want to watch it. :D