Sunday, December 6, 2015

MopDog Advent: Hungarian Christmas carols II.

Oh look, it's already MopDog Advent again! Here is another traditional Hungarian Christmas carol for you:

(You are probably aware by now that our Christmas songs are indeed very much religious. No Santa in sight, he got done with Hungary on December 6th. We are on the priority list.)

Shepherds, shepherds

Shepherds (shepherds) with joy
Are hurrying to Jesus in Bethlehem
They greet the baby
Who came to deliver all men

The chorus of angels is calling us too
All faithful hearts should hear it
We all bless the baby Jesus
And like the faithful shepherds we praise him

Welcome, little Jesus, our hope
Who delivered us today
Brought the time of true faith
And opened up your Holy Father's Heaven

Praise and faith to the Father
And the Son who was born for us
And to the comforting Holy Spirit
And the One God in the Holy Trinity

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