Monday, January 11, 2016

BREAKING: Hungary's first Golden Globe!

Last night, at the 73. Golden Globe Awards, Hungary won its first ever Golden Globe! Son of Saul, directed by Nemes László, won Best Foreign Language Film!

A big accomplishment for a small country. Cue the celebration!
Everyone is really excited for the Oscars now.

Son of Saul has also been named No. 1 of the 50 best films in the US in 2015 by The Guardian.
You can watch the trailer here:


  1. It's had excellent reviews ... but must make harsh watching - though I can understand why it was made - a brave film. I expect our film society will show it - we've had some tough films .. and I haven't always gone to see them - it's very to see these sorts of films ... Good for Hungary though ... Hilary

  2. I will definitely add it to my list of films to watch. I read a lot about both world wars and also watch films about them. About 40% of my local community is Jewish and I have met people who were in concentration camps. It is incredibly horrifying but we need to understand what happened and why, lest the same atrocities get repeated.

  3. Such a sad topic that needs to be retold. I know you are proud of your countrymen.