Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Ho ho ho horgász

A fat man who wears red-and-white clothing and a funny hat, and says ho-ho-ho a lot, tries and fails repeatedly to catch any fish with the help of his friend and employee the Bait.
A nagy ho-ho-ho horgász (The great f-f-f-fisherman?... eh, 1980-1986) is a cartoon TV show that aired two seasons of 13, 8 minute episodes each. It features the Fisherman, the Bait, a cast of smartass fish, and other guest characters. While the fisherman claims to be "great" and full of ideas, most of his plans pan out about as well as Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner.

In the first episode, for example, the Bait quits his job after being told by the Fisherman that he should put some effort into trying to lure the fish in - wiggle his hips, for example. With the Bait gone, the Fisherman experiments with other bait such as a worm, mosquitoes, flies, etc. until finally a fish takes pity on him and jumps into his hands. The Fisherman runs around in excitement, telling everyone that he caught a record fish, but the stern official at the Fishing Association tells him it is too small and needs to be put back.

"Well, I still caught the kindest fish in the world, and that's a record too" concludes the Fisherman.

You can watch the entire show (in Hungarian) here.


  1. Only 2 seasons?? Wow, thought it was more. Absolutely loved that thing 😊

  2. Awww, I love the conclusion of that one. Watching Coyote fail over and over again was fun, so I assume this one is a giggle too :)
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  3. That does sound as zany as looney toons. My favorites were when they had classical pieces like the barber of Seville. I think that many children were introduced to classical music through them.

    Sort of like the anime Princess Tutu. Every episode has pieces of ballet and some of ballet stories pop up in the storyline. Well, they are twisted just a bit, but still recognizable.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun, like all the others in your series.

  5. A worm with attitude. I love it.

  6. From your first sentence, I thought you were talking about Santa Claus. ☺

  7. The kindest fish in the world...that is sort of sweet, I think!

    Love the graphics on the page, MopDog!

    Cherdo on the Flipside
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  8. um..what is bait exactly? will I be repeating myself if I say I'm really liking what Hungary has to offer? um...I guess but who cares, I wish I grew up watching these cute shows.

  9. I also assumed the cartoon would be about Santa Claus! I love characters who think they're so smart and yet fail miserably. It reminds me of the classic comedy teams like the Three Stooges.