Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Pom Pom

A very talkative tuft of hair walks a girl to school every morning, telling her colorful stories on the way.
Pom Pom meséi (Pompom's tales) is a cartoon series that aired 2 seasons and 26 episodes between 1979 and 1980. It features Pom Pom, a mysterious fuzzy creature, who tells really good stories, and Picur, a cheerful young girl who is always almost late for school, but loves the stories.
Each episode of the show is an individual story, featuring a cast of strange, colorful, outrageous characters.

First things first: What exactly is Pom Pom?
We are not entirely sure. The intro to every episode, he introduces himself (itself?) thus:

"No one really knows me, because sometimes I'm this, and sometimes I'm that. I can change my shape amazingly - if I want, I'm like a tuft of hair, or a wig, or an inside-out fur mitten, or a paintbrush, or a pompom on a slipper's nose. Right now, I mostly resemble a fur hat, as I sit on a branch, a nice long branch, up-down... since the wind is making the branch swing."

And that's what Pom Pom is.

Every morning he asks Picur if he can accompany her to school, and when they get there (after the story is told) he always says goodbye with the same thing:

"Picur, may I wait for you?"

And she answers, with a smile:


It is often an inside joke for people on a date.

By far my favorite character in Pom Pom's tales (and Picur's life) is Gombóc Artúr (Rotund Arthur), the overweight flightless bird, who is a chocoholic. His story talks about how we went on a diet, giving up everything but chocolate (a person's gotta eat something, after all) but still got so fat that he couldn't fly south for the winter. Instead, he tries to take a train, and then a plane, but he is too heavy, and finally he gets on a boat... but he weighs it down so much that by the time they get to Africa, it is time for him to go home. He never migrates again, and gets some winter clothes instead.

Artúr's most iconic monologue is the one where answers the question "What kind of chocolate do you like best?":

Yes you can get this t-shirt, here
"Round chocolate, square chocolate, long chocolate, short chocolate, round chocolate, flat chocolate, solid chocolate, perforated chocolate, wrapped chocolate, naked chocolate, whole chocolate, leftover chocolate, sweet chocolate, bitter chocolate, tube chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, milk chocolate, chocolate with liquor, last year's chocolate, this year's chocolate, and ALL KINDS OF CHOCOLATE MADE IN THE WORLD."

This is something I can personally relate to.

You can watch Artúr's episode here:


  1. Chocolate! One of my favourite things. I love that Pom Pom is as diverse in shape as he is in his tales.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  2. Sounds like a cute cartoon. I often wonder why they have an expiration date on chocolate. Is this a problem for anyone? And what are recipes calling for leftover chocolate? Is that a flavor?

  3. wow, the pom pom sounds interesting. only i don't think i would like to have a talking toupe on my head. it would probably get me into trouble.

  4. Gomboc Artur ate nothing but chocolate, yet still got fat? Imagine that! :)