Monday, May 30, 2016

All the Game of Thrones puns that only work in Hungarian


Most puns can't be translated. Which is really sad, when you think about it, since they seem to be humanity's shared, universal language. Everybody puns, one way or another.
And since Game of Thrones is also becoming a shared, universal language (at least for geeks), I decided to impart some punworthy Hungarian slang that works great in pirate subtitles, but is lost on English-speaking audiences.

Ever since Season 1, Hungarians have been describing Danaerys as "tűzrőlpattant," which literally translates into "jumped out of a fire." It is an archaic term mostly applied to fierce maidens. It is also probably what GRRM was copying when he invented "kissed by fire." An alternate version is "tüzes menyecske," which translates into "fiery maiden."

And while on the topic of fire: Another archaic term, "háztűznéző," refers to visiting a house with the intent of looking for a girl to marry. It literally translates into "watching the house fire," and while originally probably referred to the hearth, it fits Danaerys' latest antics quite perfectly and hilariously.

Still on the same side of the Narrow Sea, "pofám leszakad" is Hungarian slang for "I can't believe this bullshit." Incidentally, it literally translates into "my face rips off." You may apply that as you will. Taking it one step further, "pofátlan" ("faceless" or "mugless") is the adjective we use for shameless, nosy people.

Following the theme of missing body parts: "Szemtelen" also means shameless or nosy, and also translates into "eyeless," while the verb "lábatlankodik" ("goes around legless") is how we describe someone being in the way, annoying, or... under foot.

This should hold you over till Season 7.