Friday, July 15, 2016

A Pokémon grew on his WHAT NOW?!

I have been contemplating whether or not to share this, and I'll probably have to post something decent and culturally sensitive to cover up this post, but it has been stuck in my ears since Pokémon Go came out, and I can't resist the temptation anymore.

It is just too relevant.

Here is a classic Hungarian song titled "Birthday Party" - most commonly known by the chorus line: "A Pokémon grew on my weewee at my birthday party."


(Warning: Anatomical drawings of male genitalia in the video)

Created and performed by the brilliantly insane satire band Malacka és a Tahó (Piglet and the Asshole). Rough translation of lyrics:

When I turned thirteen
I wanted a great big party
So that all my classmates could be there;

All my little friends attended
They came by bus, and they
Played on the Commodore 64
With great enthusiasm

I thought this was gonna be
The greatest party of my life,
But a few minutes before 9
Tragedy struck:

A Pokémon grew on my weewee
At my birthday party!
A Pokémon grew on my weewee 
At my birthday party!!!

A Pokémon grew on on his weewee
At his birthday party!
A Pokémon grew on his weewee
At his birthday party!

(Repeat until dead)


  1. hehe, pokemon lives. Quite embarrassing if someone with pokemon go has to capture your pokemon.

  2. Never got into Pokemon. Now I know why. That video was just strange. :)